Common Causes Of Pain


Common Causes


  • Gout is a condition due to high uric acid level in blood.
  • It commonly manifests as painful great toe in adults.
  • The common precipitating factor is alcohol consumption and/or consumption of red meat.
  • It may also be precipitated by injury.
  • The great toe is swollen, red and excruciatingly painful.
  • Apply ice; consult your doctor for further advice.
  • The condition is amenable to treatment and certain changes in the diet.
  • Colchicin is the best drug for treatment of acute attack of gout. Pain may also be relieved with NSAIDs.

Hallux Valgus - Bunion

Deformity of great toe, If painful due to arthritic changes treatment is surgical.

Flat Feet

It means loss of inner arch of foot, it can be rigid or flexible. The common complain is feeling of tiredness, and aching sensation as the day progresses. In young individual it may be due to accessory navicular bone. Treatment is in form of sole inserts with arch supports, exercises and hot fomentation to relieve pain.

Stress Fracture Especially 2nd/3rd Metatarsal Neck

Commonly seen in sedentary person who suddenly walks long distance. Caused due to small crack in toe bone due to fatigue. Treatment is purely medical, consisting of rest, crepe bandage and pain relieving medication. It is a self-limiting condition, heals by six weeks.

Ingrowing Toe Nail

Improper nail care leading to hook of nail growing into nail fold. It may lead to infection and pus formation. If painful, making walking difficult, than the treatment is surgical.

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