Common Causes Of Pain


SWASTIK HOSPITAL ALSO HAS A FULL FLEGED PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENT ,headed by Dr Roma Multani (Mulchandani).(BPTh,M.I.A.P) & associates.

Physiotherapy includes electrotherapy and exercise therapy which help the patient regain their normal function. With the help of machines and manual exercise pain reduction and normal aliqnment is achieved so that the patient can carry out activity of daily living normally. electrotherapy modalities include

(1) Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy (TENS)
(2) interferential therapy (IFT)
(3) shortwave diathermy (SWD)
(4) continuous passive movements (CPM)
(5) Traction (cervical and lumbar)
(6) steam unit
(7) paraffin wax bath
(8) infrared therapy
(9) ultrasound
(10) diagnostic muscle stimulator.

Exercise therapy equipments include
(1) pulley
(2) grip exercises,finger exercise ring
(3) springs with different resistances
(4) Thera bands
(5) shoulder wheel
(6) wrist roller
(7) finger exercise board
(8) Ladder.

Treatment is given for cases like
  • BACK PAIN ( include disc problems, postural back pain,work related pain, etc)
  • NECK PAIN (spondylitis,sprains,spasms etc)
  • KNEE PAIN (O A knees,ACL tears and other conditions)
  • HEEL PAIN and all other types of pain.
  • Exercise also given for joint mobility in cases of post surgeries (bypass, hysterectomy, abdominal surgeries), obesity and general fitness.
  • Also, during and after pregnancy exercises are taught.
  • Stretching exercise for frozen shoulders, fractures of all types, etc are given.
  • Muscle stimulator is useful for nerve injuries that include bells palsy, Brachial plexus injuries and other nerve injuries.
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